We are committed to providing supports to school age children and their families. We recognize that the needs of people vary depending on their age and realize that the needs of school age children are unique. Services to school age children include Families Touched by Autism, Teen Summer Programming, the RISE (Recreation, Independence, Skills and Exploration) program and service coordination. We also assist with transition planning for teens as they transition from school to adulthood and the unique changes in their life; whether that be employment, volunteering, life skills education or special programming that encourages and supports community integration.



Families Touched by Autism was created to provide a place of friendship and support for families dealing with autism. Meetings are held monthly at the Discovery Center. 


Behavioral Intervention is a service designed to help individuals, providers (DSPs) and families cope with challenging behaviors. The Behavior Intervention Specialist (BIS) assists in the coordination of Functional Assessments of Behavior and Behavior Intervention Plans that address behaviors and provides a means to help the individual become more socially adapted.


Teen Recreation is a program that focuses on vocational exploration and job readiness skills. It could be an important step in planning for life after school. This program serves youth 14 to graduation during the summer break from school.


Transition services: RTC Industries Inc. serves as a vendor for the Logan County Board of Developmental Disabilities in the Transition program. Eligible individuals are served utilizing many different locations in the community. The program is designed for individuals with disabilities between the ages of 14-22. It serves to provide experience in regard to community employment and will be instrumental in Employment First. Employment First emphasizes employment as the priority and preferred outcome for working-age adults with disabilities. It recognizes the social and economic benefits of meaningful work for all individuals.