Here at Logan DD, we believe that providers are the heart beat of our service. Providers are the front line that care for individuals with developmental disabilities every single day. Without them, our system would fall. We work hard to provide our local providers with as many resources as possible in order to ensure the highest quality services are provided to the individuals in our county.

Grant for Provider Supports

The Logan County Board of Developmental Disabilities will offer support (grants and services) to families and providers who directly serve individuals with disabilities in Logan County. The specific purpose of the supports is: 

  • to recruit additional qualified providers to serve eligible Logan County residents. 
  • to reduce turnover and aid in creating and maintaining a solid foundation of staff that leads to better outcomes and quality services. By reducing onboarding and training costs, providers will be able to offer a higher wage, spend more time providing oversight and training and possibly offer retention bonuses. 
  • to creatively support services that inspire and assist people with developmental disabilities to become contributing and valued members of their community. 

Become a Provider/DSP

The Logan County Board of Developmental Disabilities partners with the WestCON COG to support our current providers and to support those who want to become a provider or Direct Support Professional. They offer an array of services to help you file for certifications, keep your certification or simply provide consultation to help ensure you have everything you need to provide high quality service to the people that you support.