In partnership with local schools, The Logan County Board of DD offers preschool special education services for children age 3-5 experiencing a developmental delay. Each child with an identified delay has an Evaluation Team Report (ETR) along with an Individualized Education Program (IEP) . Parents, teachers, therapists, and school administrators collaborate to write the child’s IEP which identifies individual goals and specialized services the child receives. Special education services are offered in an integrated setting with a certified teacher and classroom assistant.  Typically developing peers or mentors are welcome and encouraged to enroll. Classes are held Monday through Thursday with a morning session; 9:00 to 12:00 and an afternoon session; 12:45 to 3:45.


Families Touched by Autism was created to provide a place of friendship and support for families dealing with autism. Meetings are held monthly at the Discovery Center. For information or questions, contact Lisa Sulich at 937-292-3071.


Behavioral Intervention is a service designed to help individuals, providers (DSPs) and families cope with challenging behaviors. The Behavior Intervention Specialist (BIS) assists in the coordination of Functional Assessments of Behavior and Behavior Intervention Plans that address behaviors and provides a means to help the individual become more socially adapted.


Friday Night Out is a support for families needing assistance with respite. The target audience is children on the autism spectrum or demonstrating severe behavior that limit the family’s support system (i.e. they are unable to utilize traditional daycare, babysitting, and have limited or no family members to provide day care or babysitting for an evening out). The purpose of Friday Night Out is to provide support to families feeling overwhelmed to divert the development of a crisis. It provides 4 hours of respite once a month at the Discovery Center. Children under age 6 are served. For more information or questions contact Lisa Sulich at 937-292-3071.


The PLAY Project™ is a parent implemented, intensive early intervention program for young children with autism that is evidence-based. Early intervention can make a profound difference in the life course of these children because their brains are developing at an incredible rate before the age of 5. Children, including children with autism, learn best through play in the  natural environment of the home.  The secret is knowing how to engage the child in a playful way that promotes his or her development.