Ty’s Story

Week 1 - Taking initiative to make a difference!

TyHi, my name is Ty and I want to invite you to go on a journey with me and one of my cheerleaders, Kelli Bader. This journey will be long and at times difficult but we will get through it if we keep moving. You see, I want to be a physically healthy person. I have not concentrated on my physical self for so long that I have created a person that does not match the person I think I am. The time to change is now! Who is with me? Great, I am happy to have you along!

First thing first! I set a few goals and you should do the same! My first goal is to lose 10 pounds before April 1, 2016. I am structuring what I eat to include diabetic-friendly foods. I talked with the people that create the food I eat at work. They are going to adapt the menu they serve at my work, RTC Industries, to more closely align with a diabetic-friendly meal for me. I am pretty lucky to work at a place that knows how to do that. If you do not work in a place that has a cafeteria, you can check out www.diabetes.org or visit your local library. They have books on learning to make healthier food choices.

I have also given up soda pop. I do not drink juices as often as I used to and I drink a lot of water. During a bake sale we had with the Logan County Board of DD and Bellefontaine Kiwanis Aktion Club we served fruit flavored water. I really like the flavor that natural fruit gives to water and it is a low calorie way to get in as much water as I can a day. I also do cheat occasionally and limit myself to one cheat day a week. My Mom is really good at reminding me to think about what I eat and asks me if the food is something I really need or want. She also asks me if there is a better option.  Moms! They really do know best!

Exercise is very important to the journey we are on because as we lose weight we want to make sure we are tightening the skin and building muscle. It will help us become healthier and look better as well. I have decided to attend classes at the Mad River CrossFit facility in Bellefontaine 2 to 3 times a week with my friends. We are going to have fun while burning calories using adaptations until I am strong enough to make it on my own. I suppose that is the key to a fulfilling life! 

I hope you enjoy my blog and consider walking, jogging or running through this journey with me!

By the way… I am not a doctor and I have spoken with my doctor before I started this journey and you probably should as well. The information I am writing about is recommended for me and this is a record of my journey and it may not be right for you.

Ty’s Story  - Week 2

Hi, I wanted to let you know that week two of eating healthier has gone pretty well. I made a big discovery this week regarding how different foods make me feel. The biggest discovery was that foods with wheat really affect the way I feel. They tend to make me sleepy and my stomach gets upset.  So I decided to try to cut as many wheat based foods out of my diet. This poses a problem as I do not spend much time cooking. The foods I eat tend to be ready made meals. What is a gal to do?
I am learning about some of the different tools I can use to make better food decisions. One of the tools is to read labels on foods. Another is to visit the websites of restaurants before going to find the foods that are healthier for me. The last tool is to listen to my body. Before eating I am asking myself if I am hungry or just bored. 

I am really excited about using these tools. In the past I have just eaten foods and not thought about what I am putting into my body. Over these pasts weeks I have noticed a big change in me, I have become a mindful eater! 




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