Advocate of the Month

December Spotlight on Advocacy

Brent Fromm

DSC_1855bBrent Fromm loves to advocate with others in the community about the work of the Logan County Board of DD Aktion Club. Brent is an active member of Aktion Club and was recently the top seller of nuts during the group’s fall fundraiser. Club Advisor Kelli Bader says, “His dedication helps the Aktion Club with providing service to our community. He also talks to people at church and around town about the club and encourages others to participate in our meetings and projects.”

Brent considers himself a strong self-advocate, though he has not yet completed formal training through the Board of DD. 

He explains, “I’m pretty confident and I say what makes me happy.”

Outside of Aktion Club, Brent loves to sing and is a big fan of country music stars Garth Brooks and Reba McIntire. He is a member of the Special Olympics Bowling Team and has plans to join the Softball Team next summer. Brent is also very proud of having his own cell phone to text his friends and
co-workers from his job at RTC Industries. 

Brent says his favorite holiday is Christmas and he looks forward to singing carols at church and at holiday gatherings.





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