Kate’s Story

Week 1 - Kate went on an adventure about a year ago

FullSizeRender2At that time her parents and she decided to make her dream of living on her own, a reality. They talked as a family and decided that Kate would have a higher chance of success if she continued to live in West Liberty. This is because she was familiar with the area and her parents were close to her in case she needed something. Once that was decided Kate and her parents looked at housing options after looking at Kate’s budget. This helped them conclude that it would be smart for Kate to rent an apartment instead of buying. Also because this was Kate’s first attempt at living on her own they did not want Kate to get into a situation she could not get out of and owning a home would make it difficult for her to move home and regroup, if that was something she wanted to do.

At that point Kate and her parents started looking at what houses and apartments were available for rent. There were small apartments above downtown businesses available but those did not offer Kate much distance from her parents. It would be too easy for Kate to squeeze back into her old life. Who would not want a home cooked meal made by Mom? There were houses all over West Liberty but those seemed as if they were too much space for one young woman. Although the idea of having a dog live with her and having a big yard for her dog to run was a mark on the positive side for Kate. Finally Kate and her parents thought about Green Hills. The Nursing Facility had been advertising independent living and were remodeling the apartments surrounding the main facility.

This was an ideal situation. The Green Hills Apartments would provide Kate with her own space but she would live next to people and it was a safe option. Kate filled out an application and got on the waiting list. She got a call a few months later letting her know her name was at the top of the list. They were ready for her to move in and make one of these apartments her home. She was nervous but excited. She found furniture and decorations for her home. She was ready to move in. Kate picked a sentimental time of year to make the move. She chose the beginning of January which is symbolic because with the New Year comes new beginnings. Please check back consistently and let Kate tell you more about her story. 




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