Here is a collection of Documents and Pictures representing the History of The Logan County Department of Developmental Disabilities.  It is organized by decade and by documents and pictures.  These are public domain and you may download them if you like. We hope you enjoy this collection of fascinating history.


Documents and News Articles

Picture Collections

Bellefontaine Man Gets Teaching Post

First Board Meeting - Page 1

First Board Meeting - Page 2

Gifts To Hi Point - 1961

Hi Point Basketball Team - 1960’s

High Point Day School and Training Center

Hi Point Day School Has Many Benefits

High Point School Serves Whole County

Open For Inspection Sunday

Representative Roger Cloud Addresses Logan Council - 1966

Ross Training Center - 1967

School For Retarded Budgets 60 Percent of Vote-Authorized Funds

State School Aid To Speak

State Superintendent Tells of Progress Made In Caring For Mentally Retarded

Station Wagon - New Transportation For Children

1961-62 Class Composite

1968 Basketball and Other School Pictures

1968 Graduation

Christmas 1960

Class of 1965

Class of 1966-67

Class of 1968

Early Years - 1960’s

Easter 1960

First Class - 1960

Milk Time - 1960

Mrs. Grime’s Room - Open House

Open House - 1960

Play Yard - 1960

School Fun & Making Trays

School Pictures

Toys, Pumpkins Faces, and School Pics - 1960

Using Pegs & Beads, & Nap Time - 1960

Valentines and Easter


Documents and News Articles

Picture Collections

1975 Everyone Has A Right To An Education

Benefits of High Point School

High Point Training Center and Workshop

History of MRDD by Charlotte Grimes

Short History

Class of 1973

Hi Point Champs


Documents and News Articles

Picture Collections

1981 Staff - Ludlow Center

1983 Special Olympics

1986 State Champs

1988 Children’s Program Has New Home

1988 COLCAS Article - HIstory of MRDD

1988 Thank You Forus Article

Article About History of Ludlow Center

Music Interpretation

Pics With Likes - Lisa

Pics With Likes

State Champs

State Special Olympics

State Special Olympic Games

1980 Board and Other Photos


Documents and News Articles

Picture Collections

100% Compliance Award

1992 - Ludlow Center Explained

1994 Annual Report

1994 Finacial Report

1994 Newpaper Insert - October is Disabilities Awareness Month

1995 Financial Article

1996 MRDD Wins Levy and Discovery Center Grant

1997 Discovery Center Article

Adaptive Aquatics

Bids In For Discovery Center Renovation

Levy Letters - Early 1990’s

MRDD Celebrates 30 Years of Service

Plaque Marks Orchard’s Location

RTC 1994 Ground Breaking

1990 Workshop

1990 Activities

1994 Workshop

1990’s Activities

1990’s Activities 2

Breaking Ground for Discovery Center

Court House

Early 1990’s

Employment 1990’s

New Buildings - 1995

Seniors 1994


Documents and News Articles

Picture Collections

Side By Side Newspaper Article - Page 1

Side By Side Newspaper Article - Page 2

2000’s Activities

Breaking Ground For Discovery Center


Picture Collection 1

Picture Collection 2

Picture Collection 3


50th Anniversary of Department of DD



Calendar of Events